04/13/2017 12:18am

It is the day of past. The drum sets and synthesizers are used for the music production. Similar to most of the other fields, the technology of producing the music has been changed in many convenient ways.

05/11/2017 6:12am

I remember watching this music video before. My parents showed this to me when I was younger. The tune of the song was really catchy. I wish that they make more music videos like this again. The music for my generation doesn't really suit my taste.

04/17/2017 9:27am

It looks like Joe and the Jungle - 1776 is a nice song. It reminds me of the early 70's, where things were much more simpler than those which are now. Oh those were good times.


Joe and the Jungle - 1776 is a nice song,it has remind me pf 70`s video production agency denver can make such videos like this about 70`s.I enjoyed your post keep sharing more.


I love this music video. It was a good idea for you to post it right here.


I visit over the Blog where you have been suggested such a nice collection i really love this concepts, i wanna share this update to My colleagues thanks for share.


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